TrackBox is an emergency application that connects people to emergency services and allows emergency services quick access to important personal information. A simplistic interface allows the user to easily report suspicious activities as well as add GPS located alerts. TrackBox gathers all essential information needed in an emergency situation. By tapping the TrackBox app, the control room has the ability to access any information that emergency units might need to do their jobs. The TrackBox ERPC Collaboration Network is an international network of control centres and services. This software allows clients and the public to access help instantly, from all TrackBox collaborators.

Download TrackBox, activate the app, and in times of emergency turn your device into its own unique alert and tracking agent.


  • Member Vault: contact information, personal items & assets register, vehicles, animals, firearms & competencies and licence expiry notifications.
  • Emergency ID (Palmprint Biometrics): instantly provides the necessary immediate authorizations without having to make a call.
  • Record Audio: save audio files for later use.
  • Alerts & Mapping: add alerts and incident mapping.
  • AAA Panic Button (GPS & LBS): direct emergency calls to our ERPC Satellite Global Positioning System.
  • Call Me Panic Button: no airtime or data needed.
  • Call Me: send a “Call Me” to any of your contacts.
  • Reverse Track & Trace: activate live tracking, reverse track and trace.
  • Track Me: keep in touch when on the move.
  • Report: suspicious vehicles, persons, and perform vehicle checks.
  • TrackBox SNIPR ANPR: National Automatic Number Plate Recognition.
  • GPS Voice Note Reporting: record messages of up to 30 secs. Recordings are sent to the ERPC with your GPS position.
  • Geo-Fencing: organisations and personal areas of interest to ensure relevant personal communications, personalised services, billing and emergency operations management.
  • Radio System: encrypted international radio system for police & community operations.
  • IMICS: Incident Management & Information Capturing System for full case management.
  • ERPC: 24/7 International Emergency Response and Prevention Centre.
  • Mobile Device Data Recorder: MDDR assists and facilitates the investigation of missing persons, serious & violent crime, device anti-theft & recovery assistance
  • Missing: mass activate a search for missing family members.
  • Recoveri Microdot: National Microdot serial number checks.
  • 12 hour ERPC (Emergency Response & Prevention Centre) connect test: Checks to ensure that there is still a connection between the ERPC (Emergency Response & Prevention Centre) and the device.
  • App Health check: Checks login status & notifies user if app is logged out. Helps minimise accidental logouts and ensure service is running and ready to react in case of emergency.